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   Feb 14


February 7: Dirt and soil, soil and dirt; often used interchangeably when describing outdoor gardening activities. Adults work the soil, children to go play in the dirt; gardeners prepare the soil for planting and get dirt on our hands while doing it. Just what is it? The dictionary only slightly clarifies the difference: Dirt – [...]

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   Feb 10

Plant recommendations

Dahlias Rule: I learned a long time ago that the best way to stretch the blooming period of any perennial is to grow several varieties of the plant. Just about every perennial has been cultivated to produce dwarf, medium and tall heights in a rainbow of colors with early, mid and late season blooming periods. [...]

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   Feb 05

Home Grown Vegetables

December; The soil temperature has dropped below fifty degrees and the micro-organisms are going into hibernation. That is my cue to put the tools away and look back on the growing season for lessons learned that will make next years gardening easier and more enjoyable. Did you know that a woodchuck is nothing more than [...]

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