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   Mar 30

Outdoor Activities

March 19: Mother Nature can be soo crule. Ten-inches of snow and it is still falling. So much for sowing peas this weekend. March 13: As predicted, the vegetable beds are now clear of snow and heating up in the sun. If it dries enough by this weekend I will be planting peas and lettuce [...]

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   Mar 23

The Tool Bag

An Ounce of Prevention Within all living organisms there is a molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is responsible for delivering energy released during respiration to wherever it is needed in a plant or body. In an oxygen rich (aerobic) environment this energy is distributed to allow plants, and us, to go about our normal daily [...]

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   Mar 14

Opening Day

My gardening season officially starts on March 24th this year. That was the day I will sow the peas. Sugar Snap, Mr. Big, Knight andLincoln; three 12-foot rows on a raised bed. Two hours of quiet time turning soil and counting worms. People can argue that the season begins when the seed catalogs arrive in [...]

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   Mar 09

Still Cold Outside

Spring is here, the crocuses, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths have broken ground, and there is only a little white stuff left. So it must be time to go outside, take in some fresh air and start planting right? Not so fast there green jeans type person it is too early to start digging outdoors. “What [...]

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