Jan 06

New Project

I was given a sick geranium from a friend who asked me to try to save it. I have already operated, removing all old and sickly growth. The pruning was a success and should new growth begin to appear I will schedule more procedures.

Jan 11, I placed the geranium in a south facing window sill and it began to leaf out, so that tells me the plant survived. I will add water soluble fertilizer to stimulate more growth.  

Jan 15, I transplanted the geranium today. It was potted in regular garden soil; no organic material to retain moisture or feed the plant. I got so excited about puttering in the sunroom that I took cuttings from other geraniums.

Jan 27, There has been a little more growth, but nothing significant. I am getting itchy and want to take cuttings. Hurry up! 

Feb 8, When I first cleaned up the plant last month it had three healthy stems. The new growth has only been on one stem, giving the plant an unbalanced look. It is showing more new nodes, but off the same branch. It is way to early to decide, but I may end up taking cuttings and composting the parent plant.

Feb 13, Here is an image taken this morning. You can see the new growth is all coming off the one stem.

Geranium after 6 weeks

March 23; As much as I would like to take some cuttings the plant is not cooperating. It has leafed out well, but I want more stem nodes before I prune it. Maybe a couple more weeks.









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  1. Mary says:

    How long will it take for new growth to begin?

  2. Vitor says:

    yes, I think the weather here is quite difrfeent from your area. The geranium grows well during winter and spring time in my garden as well as the cyclamen. For past few years, I tried to keep cyclamen through the hot summer hoping them to survive, but all failed. This year, I hided them in a bush in order to get enough shade and cool air. Fortunately, up to now some of them are still alive.

  3. Caasi says:

    But the geraniums in our garedn were not happy at all when the weather was very hot a few weeks ago, so I could imagine they wouldn’t be happy at all during the summer in Taiwan and would be fine in winter since the winter in Taiwan is just like the summer in England.

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