Aug 27

Spring Classes and Lectures

February 23: Got faked out by the weather forecasters and cancelled the classes this weekend, they are re-scheduled for the next two Sunday mornings.

February 10: Classes begin next Sunday. Spring is only four weeks away. I will be turning beds in March.

I provide lectures and classes in the Greater Boston area. If you are a garden club or nursery preparing your 2013 schedule, or a homeowner interested in hosting a session contact me for details.

Classes this year are scheduled for Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, North Reading, Lexington, Reading, Wilmington and Woburn. Here are the class descriptions:

GROWING PLANTS FROM SEEDS Why wait until April to play in the dirt. Save money and plant something different in your garden this year by starting and growing flowers and vegetables indoors from seed. This three-hour course will provide the information needed to improve germination rates and grow healthy seedlings indoors for spring planting. The session will cover seed selection, growing mediums, and how to create a micro-climate favorable for plant growth. Try something new this growing season.

 NO-MAINTENANCE GARDENING And other lies you want to believe about caring for your plants and lawn. This three-hour session is filled with tricks and tips that will make your yard work much easier this summer. The dialog session will cover the reasons behind your favorite subjects: planting, watering, fertilizing, and lawn care. Warning: Gardening is addictive. At the conclusion of the course, you may find yourself enjoying your yard.

THE REAL DIRT ON GARDENING Prune your shrubs and prune your expenses, minimize your yard work, have a great lawn, and save the planet by developing a basic understanding of plants, vegetables, and gardening techniques. Learn simple tricks to make yard work enjoyable as you improve your plant-growing skills. Save time and money by increasing your knowledge of soil-preparation, plant-selection and propagation, lawn care, landscaping, and yard maintenance.

Class dates and locations are available on the Town website, their contact information is:

Billerica Recreation Department  Telephone: 978-671-0921

Bedford Recreation Department Telephone: 781 275-1392

BurlingtonRecreation Department Telephone: 781 270-1695

LexingtonRecreation Department Telephone: 781 862-0500 x262

North Reading Recreation Department Telephone: 978 357-5216

Reading Public Schools Telephone: 781 942-9136

Wilmington Recreation Department  Telephone: 978 658-4270

Woburn Recreation Department Telephone: 781 897-5805

Participation is not limited to residents of these Towns.

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